I am a Dutch programmer that has been developing code since I was a teenager. Started programming on an Atari 800XL, without any hard-drive and/or floppy drives (a floppy is a kind on USB-stick for those that do not know). Every time I switched off the computer, all my code was gone…

I learned a lot of other languages since then, Pascal, Assembler, C, C++, C# etc., etc. I have been programming code for embedded software, from DSP’s to the simple stuff, middle-ware, servers, clients and all kind of GUI’s. Different databases and multiple operating systems in all kind of businesses. You might call me quite a broad developer.

I am currently employed at a Dutch company that creates charging equipment for Electric Vehicles. Working on the embedded software in C. Previously I worked at a large global company that creates solutions for the broadcasting industries.

During my programming years I developed a number of useful tools and libraries in my spare time. This site  is my first attempt to share some of my code with others. Some code might be useful to others.

Recently I started developing some Apps in iOS. I just finished the ClassVibe app (there was also a large backend that I needed to develop). The idea for this App came from my wife, she is a teacher at a high school and required an App to positively motivate her students by giving rewards to the entire class. I created a seperate website with more information over this app: www.classvibe.nl.


Jochem Bakker

Why the name Myriadbits? Mostly because it was one of the few names I could find that was still available. But on the other side, I programmed myriad and myriad bits…. (I think I easily program a myriad bits a day, even in C) and of course: It sounds good.



Wolfgang Ruppel · June 18, 2018 at 17:20

Hi, I have written a few extensions for MXF Inspect, in particular for using the latest SMPTE registers.
Interested? Is MXF Inspect by chance on a Git repo somewhere for issuing pull requests?

jochem · September 3, 2018 at 21:40

Hi Wolfgang,

Nice to hear that you find the MXF Inspect tool usefull!
A few years ago I changed jobs and I am now no longer working in the broadcast industry (now working in the Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment industry). So I did not update this tool the last 2 years. But since you are not the first to asked for a git repo: I have just create a GIT repository for the MXF Inspect tool. You can find it here: https://github.com/Myriadbits/MXFInspect. You are free to create a pull request with your new extensions.

Best regards,